Gratitude Journal

It’s been almost one year since the idea of Little Koha came about and we are thrilled to have helped so many people show their gratitude through our unique designer gift boxes.

From day one, Little Koha has advocated for a more grateful society. No matter how busy life gets it is important to appreciate those around us – to say thank you, recognise achievements, celebrate successes and milestones, or be there when life gets tough.

It is amazing how powerful gratitude can be, not only for those on the receiving end, but for those expressing it too. Research shows that expressing gratitude has numerous physical and emotional health benefits such as having deeper and stronger relationships, feeling more relaxed, having higher optimism and reduced stress and anxiety.

Online gratitude journal

I personally have so much to be grateful for and this year I’m going to share my stories of gratitude with you all. At least once a month, this blog will become my online Gratitude Journal. 

I recently read that physically writing down what you are grateful for can boost your mood instantly and strengthen your character in the long term. Hell yea, I’m in!

I don’t know what my stories will entail but I can tell you they will be raw and they will be honest; they could provide you with a laugh or they could be far from funny. They might make you cringe but they might make you nod fiercely in agreement, too. They may be in-depth stories or they may be a single sentence or photo. 

My ultimate goal, however, is that they make you think - what are you grateful for?

Read my first entry here >>

I welcome you to share your stories with us too, either in the comments below or over on our Facebook Page.


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