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Founder and Chief Curator of Little Koha's Gift Boxes

Written by Chloe Johnson


Posted on October 05 2017

Hello, I’m Chloe Johnson, the owner and curator behind Little Koha – a place where gratitude meets style in the form of boutique gift boxes.

As a former journalist, I’m used to writing about other people so bear with as I attempt to share my own wee story.

Chloe Johnson Founder of Little Koha Gift BoxesLittle Koha is what I like to call a ‘passion business’. I love curating gift boxes and get a real buzz out of helping others spread a little love, sympathy, celebration or appreciation.  

I absolutely love working on Little Koha, but it is not my full-time gig. During the day, I am the Communications and Development Manager at Woodford House, a leading girls’ school in Hawke’s Bay.

Woodford House is an incredible place brimming with vibrant, confident young women who I am in awe of every day. It was there, and through conversations with the girls, that I truly started to understand and appreciate the power of gratitude.

People often ask how I fit it all in and it is a great question. I’m afraid my answer is not very inspirational; I just do – but being goal driven and highly motivated helps (even if it drives Mr Koha nuts). 

It is not unusual for me to be clearing emails at 6am or curating gift boxes at midnight.  My weekends are usually spent trying to master the art of photography, tweaking the website and implementing our marketing plan. 

Although there is no secret to juggling a passion business with a demanding full time role, I will reveal that my most valued strategy is to never lose sight of our ‘why’. 

I remind myself every day why Little Koha exists – to strengthen relationships through gratitude.

I’m also reminded of this daily when I write customers’ personal messages on a Little Koha gift card. From congratulations on becoming parents to happy birthday or well done on acing your university exams.

The reasons to gift are so varied but there is a common theme among our customers – they and their lucky recipient usually live towns, cities or countries apart. That means Little Koha is breaking down geographical barriers so people can still be part of each other’s special occasions.

And that totally makes it worthwhile. 

Chloe Johnson Founder of Little Koha Gift Boxes

Life outside of Little Koha consists of being a coffee snob, chocolate connoisseur, ice-cream lover (let’s just say I’m a foodie), home décor enthusiast, plant obsessed, dog crazy and wannabe tough gal with my new found hobby of Boxfit.

In our Getting to Know series where we interviewed the gorgeous people behind our gift items, I asked them, “What are you grateful for?”

So it is only fair I answer that question too.

For me, it is my friends. I am fortunate to have created solid friendships at every stage of my life from high school to university, my career, my global adventures and those I’ve lived with along the way.

I am now surrounded by a strong sisterhood where tall poppy syndrome does not exist and laughing uncontrollably totally does. I will be forever grateful for all of my girls.


With gratitude

 Chloe Johnson signature





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