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Client Gifts: How to Wow Clients

Written by Chloe Johnson


Posted on October 25 2020

Clients and customers are at the heart of all businesses. Without them, we simply do not exist. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to create an unforgettable customer experience from the moment they step into your store or click on your website to the moment they spend their hard earned dollars with you - and beyond. That last part is crucial; customer service does not stop once a transaction has taken place, it's actually just getting started. ⁠

Did you know it costs 5 per cent more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep a current one? And a current customer is likely to spend 33% more than a new one? ⁠

As renowned customer service expert Shep Hyken says, “You must deliver an amazing customer experience. Why? It is the competitive edge of new-era business – in any market and any economy”.

There are a lot of shiny new tactics and tools out there, but we are seeing amazing return on investment for our clients who keep it simple with the powerful strategy of thoughtful client gifts.

Client gifts are an extremely simple but highly effective way to show you value their business – especially during the turbulent year of 2020.  

Research shows that expressing gratitude has numerous physical and emotional health benefits from strengthening relationships to feeling more relaxed, having higher optimism and reduced stress and anxiety.

While sending client gifts makes you and them happy, it also benefits you in the form of repeat business and referrals as you're more likely to stay at the front of their mind when it comes to needing your services or product in the future. 

Here are four things to consider when sending your clients gifts: 

Keepsake – Tasty and tangible

We adore artisan food and wine, but we recommend including a keepsake item or something that can’t be consumed such as a good quality cheeseboard, candle or tea towel. That way it sits on the mantlepiece or comes out at dinner parties and increases your chance of becoming part of everyday conversation with friends and family. That type of marketing is priceless!

client gift ideas

Personalisation – Have you been listening?

If you’ve been listening to your clients, you should have a fair idea of who they are, what their style is and what they like. This might include their favourite type of wine, or perhaps they are having a baby so you want to avoid alcohol and include a soft toy. 

A few years ago, I was told a story about a real estate agent who sold a $1.3 million house – about $200,000 more than the client expected. The real estate agent did an incredible job, her communication was great and she got her clients the best price. However, when it came to settlement she gifted them three bottles of wine despite the client mentioning she didn’t drink alcohol. So instead of the client telling her friends about the sales expertise, she tells them about how she wasn’t listened to. The morale of the story here is, listen to your clients and personalise the gift the best you can.

 Logos - To brand or not to brand?

A gift should be all about them – not you. When you start adding your brand, such as a logo, to products, it can be perceived as a sales tactic rather than a genuine gift of appreciation. However, you can be clever about how you add your brand by keeping it tasteful or subtle. Examples include:

  • Print a special quote or message onto the product rather than your logo, and design it in a way that isn't intruding on the overall gift.
  • Add your brand to high quality items such as handmade NZ cheeseboards as opposed to 'swag' products like pens. 
  • Custom brand the gift box packaging only - this is a great balance as you still get eyeballs on your brand, but the gifts have a more genuine feel. 


Custom branded client gifts

Presentation – Has it got the WOW factor?

You’d be surprised at how many organisations focus on the gift item and not the presentation, but it is an incredibly important aspect in gaining a competitive edge. Take this scenario for example: 

Company A gifts their clients a $200 voucher for dinner at a local restaurant. The vouchers come in an envelope and is handed over after closing the deal. 

Company B gifts their clients a $200 gift box filled to the brim with a nice bottle of bubbles, artisan crackers, gourmet relish, cheese, a keepsake cheeseboard and candle – perfectly packaged in a keepsake gift box with bow and hand-written message on a gift card. The box is delivered to their home or office, or handed over after closing the deal.  

In this scenario, Company A’s gift is nice but the ‘moment’ is over pretty quickly. Whereas Company B’s gift has a sense of surprise and mystery from the moment they are given the gift box, to the unwrapping of it, viewing all the products and then using them for years to come. 

According to a study published in 1992 a gift-wrapped item actually influences the recipient to have a more favourable attitude towards owning the gift item. It doesn't take much to do this, but it adds so much more to the gifting experience.  

Timing – Stand out from competitors

Like most things in business, strategic gift giving is all about the right time. The standard times and reasons are:

  • Closing a deal
  • Onboarding a new client
  • Celebrating a big win
  • Anniversaries
  • Christmas

However, we encourage you to zig when everyone else is zagging. Consider sending a gift half way through the year to say thank you for their continued business. Or send them a New Year Gift in January/February instead of a Christmas one when they are receiving plenty already. Like any marketing strategy, it is all about breaking through the noise. Sending your clients beautiful, thoughtful gifts at a time when it is least expected will certainly help you stand out from competitors.

Bonus Tip: Giving gifts is also a great time to ask clients to write a review or provide a testimony. Wait a week or so after sending their gift and then follow up requesting a review. 

We love curating impressive, creative client gifts. We insist on high quality items, gorgeous packaging and a speedy service. Whether you are after 5 or 5000+ client gifts, we can help you. 

Keen to have a chat about it? Interested in our ideas on how we can elevate your client relationships? Flick us an email, we would love to hear from you! Email: or Call 06 211 7676⁠




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    Hi Chloe, I received the most beautiful gift box from signature homes with so many truly lovely items from Little Koa,, I had the box open on the table so I could look at it each time I passed it was so pretty, it really made my day, thank you so much

    Posted by Gene Gedge | October 29, 2022
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