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Building your own gift hamper is the perfect way to design a gift that suits their taste and your budget. Customers love being able to pick and choose their items, but sometimes if can be tricky to know what gift box size to select. 

What size box should I choose?

To make things easier for you, we've broken down what size gift box you should choose below. Presentation is extremely important to us so if our gift designers think your goodies will look best in a different size box, we will get in touch.

Products that will only fit in a medium-large gift box:

If you've chosen five or more items, please also select the medium-large gift box.

When to choose a small gift box:

  • If you have four or less small-medium sized items, not including those listed above.
If in doubt, always choose a large gift box and one of our gift designers will contact you if we think it looks better in a small gift box. You'll be given the option to add extra items to make up the price difference, or a refund.

Still unsure? Please reach out to us at and we will be happy to help.